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Prevention! The best way to control rats

Here at Lock Em Out Rodent Control we are firm believers in prevention!


According to Alison Hermance at WildCare,

“Rodents tend to set up camp in our homes when food and space are made available to them. If we remove debris, ivy, construction waste, etc., there are fewer hiding places for rats. It’s also important to eliminate their food sources like unsealed garbage, fallen fruit and birdfeeders left outside at night. A significant percentage of nuisance rodent calls to WildCare relate back to the presence of spilled seed from bird feeders. Place a tray to capture seed under your feeder and empty it nightly, and sweep up spilled seed every evening. Finally, seal openings into your home that are ½ inch or larger.”

Make a Plan

Not sure where to start? We can help!

Contact us today to schedule a site visit and get professional suggestions.

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